Who we are

Gujarati people or Gujaratis are an ethnic group traditionally from Gujarat that speak language Gujarati, an Indo-Aryan language. The name comes from "Gujara", a branch of the White Huns. This group ruled the western part of current India during the eighth and ninth centuries. The is also rich in cultural diversity with highest number of religious beliefs prevailing in area including Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Jewism,
Christianism, Sikhism, Buddhism, to name a few.

Archaeological evidence shows the region has cities as early as 2000 BC. Muslims conquered Gujarat in the thirteenth century AD and ruled for the next 450 years. Control passed to the British East India Company in 1818. After India’s independence in 1947, Gujarat was incorporated into Bombay state. In 1960, the Gujarati-speaking areas of Bombay were split off to form the present-day Gujarat.

Today, Gujaratis are among leading businessman in India. Not only that, they are also holding key positions in various fields like Stock Exchange, Entertainment Industry, Politics, etc. Also to be noted is the fact that Gujaratis make up around 33% of the Indian diaspora worldwide.