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There are so many reasons to cook at home, it’s surprising that we aren’t all doing try to order food from restaurant but not from someone home. Sounds interesting isn’t it? Research shows that regularly eating home-cooked meals as a family is linked to healthier and happier kids, and teens who are less likely to get those unwanted calories and edible chemicals from the food.

Adults also reap considerable benefits from eating home-cooked meals. Research finds that people who eat home-cooked meals on a regular basis tend to be happier and healthier and consume less sugar and processed foods, which can result in higher energy levels and better mental health. Eating home-cooked meals five or more days a week is even associated with a longer life.

We the Gujarati Community members are providing home-cooked meals on demand. Home cooking gives us the opportunity to choose component ingredients over processed meals. As you know the most common problems are is people not enough time to cook at home. In fact, people who work more than 35 hours outside the home each week do tend to cook less. But here we are who serving for you most delicious Gujarati food on demand.


We Provide:

Weekly tiffin subscription service and home delivery.

Try the authentic homemade Indian food. Great healthy choice when you’re too busy to shop or cook.

This is a weekly Tiffin subscription service and all orders are delivered in the weekdays and weekend .Catering service for Party also provided base on ordering quantity

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