Finding accommodation could get challenging at times in Denmark. However, the following web-sites could be good starting points:

Unfortunately both the websites are in Danish language. However you can use Google Translate feature to translate in English.

You could also register with the following companies renting apartments: – Pretty inexpensive, however might take longer time! – Serviced apartments which are quite costly!

Not to forget, your personal, professional and other networks can be explored too. You might get lucky!!!

In the worst case, if you are unable to find any place to live and none of your local friends are of any use, the Dan Hostel could be your temporary resort:


1. Do not pay advance online to anyone without seeing the house and getting the key in hand.

2. There are many fraud sites available online for cheapest house. So be aware.

3. According to the housing policy, there is formal agreement between owner and tenant. So get the agreement with the owner with owner`s CPR number.

4. Every owner will expect that the house should be neat and clean while returning back after agreement period.