If you wish to visit Denmark for a short period of time, you must obtain a visa prior to the entry. Indians need a Visitor Schengen visa to visit Denmark except citizens with diplomatic and service passports who are exempt from the visa requirement.

There are Different VISA for Work in Denmark. One of the Most attractive VISA is Green card Visa. Here is the List of few Schemes. For more info and update information refer

The Pay Limit scheme
This scheme is given to the persons who have been offered a job with an annual pay. The persons who have been offered a highly paid job have particularly easy access to the Danish labour market. There are no specific requirements with regards to education, field or the specific nature of the job. The scheme also applies to persons who have applied for asylum in Denmark.

The Corporate scheme
This scheme makes it possible for companies or corporations in Denmark to bring employees with special skills or qualifications from the company’s foreign affiliate or department to Denmark in connection with projects of limited duration with an innovative, developmental or educational purpose.

The Green card scheme
It is no longer possible to avail this kind of visa. However, if you are already on Greencard scheme, you can extension of permit is possible. Read more on the link provided at the bottom of this page.

Researchers have particularly easy access to the Danish labour market. There must be particular reasons why the research should be carried out by you. Normally, research work is considered to be so closely linked to the individual researcher that the general employment situation in Denmark is not decisive for whether or not you can be granted a residence and work permit.

It is possible to be granted a residence and work permit as a professional athlete or coach. There must be a particular reason why you should fill a specific position with the sports organisation. Furthermore, you must have a written job contract or job offer which specifies salary and employment conditions. Salary and employment conditions must correspond to Danish standards.

Religious workers
You can be granted a residence and work permit in order to work as a member of the clergy, as a missionary, or in order to perform other functions within a religious order or denomination.

It is possible to be granted a work and residence permit in order to be self-employed and/or operate an independent company in Denmark.

When processing your application, the Immigration Service will pay particular attention to the following conditions:

There must be particular Danish business interests related to the establishment of your business in Denmark.

You must present documentation that you have access to sufficient financial means to run your business.

Your presence and involvement must be vital to the establishment of the business, and you must participate actively in its day-to-day operation.

If you have only financial interests in the business – for example, if you are a shareholder – you are not eligible for a Danish residence and work permit. Normally, you will not be eligible for a residence and work permit for the purpose of opening a restaurant or retail shop in Denmark.

Study VISA
As a foreign national, you can be granted a residence permit in order to study in Denmark. There are three main categories of study which can warrant a residence permit:

Higher educational programmes

Basic and youth study programmes

Folk high schools (Folkehøjskole)

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