Denmark Gujarati Samaj is originally set up to support and foster a community spirit amongst the families living in Denmark and originating from or has roots to the state of Gujarat, India. Whilst initially the community is intended to socialise between families, but the larger picture is to celebrate various festivals, help newcomers to ease their way in Denmark, create business opportunities in Denmark, etc.. We would also like the community to gather and extend the rich heritage and culture of Gujarat forward.

We believe that the Denmark Gujarati Samaj now provides an important role in nourishing and sustaining the core family values based amongst the people of our community in Denmark. We are also convinced  that it is more important than ever to try and promote face-to-face contact amongst families in an age where electronic communication has become the norm, particularly as it is only through sharing and discussing our problems and issues that we think can be suitably resolved.


The vision of Denmark Gujarati Samaj is to foster closer association of the people residing in Denmark and originating from the boundaries of Gujarat with a holistic aim of improving their quality of life.  


For all the people living in Denmark and having roots from Gujarat, India, DSG aims to provide a platform to foster closer association with one another while giving them an opportunity preserve and practice the rich cultural heritage.

Core Values

  1. Democracy and member driven: DGS shall be absolute transparent to maintain the faith of the members by operating on the principles of democracy. It shall further strive to fulfil members’ needs by creating a sense of belonging, counselling and networking.
  2. Diversity and Integrity: DGS management shall promote and maintain diversity in organization in terms of both ideologies and human resources yet maintaining the sense of responsibility, accountability, honesty and mutual dignity throughout the hierarchy.
  3. Diligence for Excellence: DGS shall strive for the best to serve members through teamwork, education and involvement of dedicated volunteers with a deep commitment to the mission. Quality and excellence shall reflect in all performing tasks.
  4. Devotion for Coherence and Development: DGS shall also perspire for improving the coherence in the community and ensure overall development of its members.
  5. Dutiful for volunteers: Recognize that all the work is performed by volunteers. Encourage volunteer-ism. Become a benchmark for progressive and volunteer driven organizations. Strive for excellence in communication and consensus building in any decision process, training and succession opportunity.


Overall objectives

  • Cultural promotion: Engagement in activities leading to promotion of rich cultural heritage and values of Gujarat. Nurture and strengthen the cultural traditions among younger generation. To drive the cultural programs initiated by local government and promote Gujarati festivals. To interact and assist Indian Embassies in Scandinavia at various levels including tourism.
  • Language and Education: To preserve and promote the linguistic skills of Gujarat among children and connect them with various arts and literature originating from state.

Collateral development of members: To promote development of entrepreneurship among the community. To facilitate closer association of members by organizing various meetings including spouse club, grandkids club, books club, and so on.